Wilson & Michelle

Meet Wilson, Michelle and Ollie.
Darrin met and organized finance for Wilson and Michelle four years ago while they were over from Melbourne visiting family, Georgina and Matt of Mogul. They were thinking about their eventual move back to Hawke’s Bay as their lives moved from dinkys (double incomes no kids yet) to thinking about moving to the next stage of their lives and starting a family.
Their initial move was purchasing their first house in Havelock North while still living in Melbourne. Since then they have moved back to NZ and settled into their house, setup a business, a part time teaching job and most importantly, Ollie has come along!
Four years down the track and that first house is too small, so they needed to purchase a larger house. They called dm consult to organize the finance and provide the advice and answers they needed to make an informed decision.
Like an earthmover, Darrin dug deep to unearth Michelle and Wilson’s needs, to ensure the footing and foundations of advice were in place before they made important decisions regarding selling and buying their next house.
From that point they were able to move forward selling their house well to have a very good deposit for the next purchase. Now they own their long-term house and have room for any new addition that may come along in the future, as the property has pools of space to relax, do more, enjoy life, have fun and splash around.
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