Turning negatives into positives

Meet Ricky and Anna.


Ricky and Anna were referred to Darrin at dm consult, as their regular bank was unable to accommodate them with an approval for their next property purchase.

All they were needing was enough to purchase a house that would be suitable for their family to live in!

Darrin assessed their finances and submitted an application to their incumbent bank, to give that bank an opportunity to retain the business. It was also submitted to another bank that they had no relationship with.

Darrin never got a response from their incumbent bank but got a response and a pre-approval from the new bank.

This then gave them the budget that they needed to by their new home.

The moral of the story is:

  • Time with your bank doesn’t count if you don’t meet their criteria.
  • Mortgage advisers have access to most bank credit criteria which give them the ability to offer options.
  • Just because your bank says no doesn’t necessarily mean no across the board.

Congratulations for your new purchase and thanks for the opportunity to assist you both with finance.

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