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Meet Stu and Anna.

Darrin initially met this couple over 20 years ago. Back in the day when Stu and Darrin both had hair and there were fewer wrinkles between the three of them!

At the time, Stuart was an Orchard Manager and Anna worked for London Bookshops. 

During this time, Stu and Anna have grown a family. Their babies are now young adults and Stu and Anna are no longer employed but now self-employed!

They are both successfully managing their growing business , providing themselves with a great lifestyle fort heir family.

Darrin has helped them along the way to climb the property ladder, which now compliments the lifestyle they are living.

They have jumped over the hurdles that often get in the way of success and it’s fair to say they have aced it!

Stu and Anna are seeing the benefits in their continued use of Darrin’s services. Their strong relationship has formed over the years (decades), through the business dealings Darrin has enjoyed with them, both past and present.

Stu and Anna know Darrin has got their best interest at heart. Their solid relationship is formed on trust in the true sense of the word.


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