Sylvia & Dominic

Meet Sylvia and Dominic.

They called dm consult when they owned their first house and were looking at moving to their second home, but at that time the best option was to stay put with their incumbent banker.
Since then we have had conversations in regard to finance options as they looked toward their next move. Out of the blue however, Sylvia and Dom’s situation has changed with the pending arrival of their two sons! Three becomes five and their whole focus in regard to property has changed to staying put and looking at making changes to their current property to accommodate the new members of the family, which includes an updated larger vehicle to move the family around in comfort.
They had approached their incumbent banker who wasn’t supportive of their request due to the dip in income during the time Sylvia would be at home with the newborns, so they called dm consult again to see if there was an option to refinance to another bank who would also increase their borrowing to accommodate their finance needs.

dm consult looked at the banks servicing criteria and identified an option where they fitted. After having to drill down on their income situation while Sylvia is on maternity leave and the family income moving forward when she returns to work, they received an unconditional approval which achieves their goal.

About us

dm consult mortgages + insurance was established off the back of “doing the right thing” by the clients. We help you by establishing what your financial situation is, what you require, and how we can help you achieve this. Based on our findings, we act on your behalf to approach lenders to attain your goal of property ownership (mortgage), business finance, refinancing from your current bank, refixing your mortgage, top ups to your current lending for smaller loans...


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