Returning Home…

Meet Cheri, Justin and their three children.
Prior to moving back from Melbourne where they have lived since 2011 , Justin and his father-in-law Barry popped into the dm office off the back of a referral from Isaac his brother in-law. They needed to discuss finance for Justin to purchase a property in NZ. Plus, they were checking to see if Darrin was fit for purpose for when the time came to apply for finance!
Roll forward to 2021. Justin and Cheri approached Darrin for his services to put the feelers out regarding purchasing a house. They were hoping they could use the limited trading figures and forecasted income from a business that they had only just established in Havelock North: Movement Functional Fitness.
Justin brought in the required documentation that Darrin had requested to apply for finance. Feedback from some of the Lenders was , “come back with six months’ worth of trading figures and with strong supporting financial information to support the application”.
Justin and Cheri provided what was required after the six-month period. Whilst their existing bank was very positive at the beginning of the year, they weren’t so supportive when it came to the crunch. Darrin strategically targeted another bank with which he had successful dealings with previously. This bank was able to secure an approval to enable Justin and Cheri to purchase their first house. The Banker was able to see the potential of their business in their financial documents. He could also recognize Justin’s passion and experience in his industry and what a little blood, sweat and tears can achieve.
So, against the odds in this difficult lending environment, Justin and Cheri proved there was enough business MoVemenT to run a successful and Functional gym, that demonstrated financial Fitness to service a loan to enable them to purchase their first house!
Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to Jump through the hoops for you to achieve this result.
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