Pip & Sam

Meet Pip & Sam
After living in their property for a number of years with their two boys, Pip & Sam were looking to reconsider the structure and set up of their lending.  They wanted to maximize their ability to reduce debt and work smarter, not harder!  Having already approached their own bank, they approached dm consult to get a second opinion.  With Emma’s help, a refinance and restructure was achieved to meet with Pip and Sam’s current financial situation.  Taking the time to reassess and to seek advice on your current stage of life can really pay off. #advisorsforlife #dmconsult#takingthestressoutoffinance

About us

dm consult mortgages + insurance was established off the back of “doing the right thing” by the clients. We help you by establishing what your financial situation is, what you require, and how we can help you achieve this. Based on our findings, we act on your behalf to approach lenders to attain your goal of property ownership (mortgage), business finance, refinancing from your current bank, refixing your mortgage, top ups to your current lending for smaller loans...


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