Meet Sam Fergusson

I love a success story and my journey with Sam was certainly that, what a smashing young man to deal with. A full time Beekeeper with stings to prove it!

Sam approached dm consult mortgages + insurance with his dad to see what possibilities there would be for first home ownership.  After our initial discussion it was clear to all that Sam’s home ownership dream may not have been as far away as he first thought.  With the support of his mum and dad and saving hard for a number of years, Sam was in a position to look at properties straight away.  I secured multiple pre-approvals from the Banks and then was able to present these to Sam for consideration. We were also able to assist Sam with a good comprehensive Life & Health Insurance Cover through a referral to our Insurance Broker of choice, Brad Collett.  This ensured that Sam is adequately protected should the unexpected happen.

Sam moves into his new home in the next couple of months.  I wish Sam all the very best for the future and look forward to catching up with him at our annual review to see how he is getting on and how I can further assist him on his home lending journey, next time perhaps looking at options for reducing the overall term of his loan.

Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity to assist you.
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