Meet Sam and Alicia

They are dressed up for a Bollywood style wedding they attended in Auckland recently, it’s been a busy 12 months for them as they got married last December, covid-19 where they found themselves in lockdown in a Remuera two room flat with their high maintenance Ragdoll cat Harry! After lockdown a new job for Sam and it was time to buy their own house in the big smoke. Like in the Hawkes Bay the Auckland housing market is as hot as a pork vindaloo on a hot bed of freshly boiled rice.

The Market was moving so fast on a weekly basis they were being pushed out into “Outrageous Fortune” territory, where bingo is still a thing in the local working men’s clubs. While Sam and Alicia traded in their 2014 Mitsubishi for a 1970 HQ Holden Kingswood and switch their shopping location from Newmarket to Westgate just off the north western, to buy Leopard skin tights (Alicia) and a Black short sleeve tee (Sam) now they think they will fit in quite nicely in the Western Burbs!

While they were working on finding their new home dm consult sorted their finance from the leafy Hawkes Bay village of Havelock North.

Congratulations for purchasing your first house in the big smoke and thanks for the opportunity to assist you both with finance.

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