Meet Lochi

He popped into dm consult HQ to discuss the options to refix his Mum’s (Tarryn) and Dad’s (Isaac’s) home loan. After a long and thoughtful discussion about the financial needs of his parents he made a decision based on quality advice offered by dm consult, then he rode off on his plastic motorbike into the sunset to see his mum and dad as he needed his nap changed.  😊


About us

dm consult mortgages + insurance was established off the back of “doing the right thing” by the clients. We help you by establishing what your financial situation is, what you require, and how we can help you achieve this. Based on our findings, we act on your behalf to approach lenders to attain your goal of property ownership (mortgage), business finance, refinancing from your current bank, refixing your mortgage, top ups to your current lending for smaller loans...


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