Meet Kirsty & William

They contacted dm consult as they wanted to purchase their first house. The twists in the journey was William had only been trading in his business, Green Performance Coaching, for a short period of time, however he was prepared to provide all the information I needed to put a case up to the bank. Fortunately, the Banker bought into the narrative about his business and supported it which led to an unconditional approval. Kirsty’s income position gave the application a solid foundation support by a 20% deposit. She was like the lead cyclist in the Peloton, breaking the air for her leading man to draft in behind her.
It took them some time to be successful finding a property but, like their training and coaching, they maintained their focus and eventually were successful with an offer which resulted in an unconditional purchase. The other twist was due to a drawn out settlement date – the unconditional loan approval had to be renewed in the middle of lockdown when the Covid-19 question the banks are now asking (about business turnover, stability of employment and income) could have put a spoke in the wheels of this young couples aspirations to become homeowners. However, they remained focused and provided additional information to satisfy the Covid-19 question. The positive twist was; during the time they went unconditional and Covid-19 arising, interest rates have continued to decrease.
In this current tight finance market these two pedalled their way to success and didn’t let any bumps in the road deter them from their goal.
Thanks for the opportunity to assist you both with finance.
About us

dm consult mortgages + insurance was established off the back of “doing the right thing” by the clients. We help you by establishing what your financial situation is, what you require, and how we can help you achieve this. Based on our findings, we act on your behalf to approach lenders to attain your goal of property ownership (mortgage), business finance, refinancing from your current bank, refixing your mortgage, top ups to your current lending for smaller loans...


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