Meet Grace and Harry – Successful First Home Buyers

Meet determined Grace & Harry, with their children Pipi and Issac

Successful First home Buyers!!

This journey began over 9 months ago along with mortgage advisor Amy from dmconsult mortgages + insurance. Amy explained what was needed to be done to achieve this dream, and after monthly follow ups and check-ins on progress, eventually Amy told the couple they were all set to go, they had worked hard on what needed to be done. A month later an offer was accepted and now they are waiting for settlement day!

Watching this couple progress through their first home purchasing journey has been an absolute pleasure! They have determination and were willing to do whatever it took to make this dream a reality. I am so thankful to have been on this journey with you both and am so proud of the outcome achieved!

“We would love to thank Amy from the bottom of our hearts at dmconsult for all her hard work.

She has made the process of purchasing our first home less daunting then what we thought it would be, she not only made everything flow so smoothly for us but every part of advice and help she gave us definitely played a big part in the position we are in today, and all while she had a big relocation to another city and a wedding she still managed to keep in contact and put our minds at ease. We will forever be grateful to Amy at dmconsult for all her hard work”

For help with your first home buying, or advice on how to prepare for mortgage application, call Amy on 0800 030 149. Great results proven again!


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