Hardworking Couple achieve ownership!

Meet Tom and Linda, who are in the gourmet food catering industry.

Two years ago they wanted to purchase a property. Due to circumstances at the time they were unable to do so by themselves. However, zoom forward! Now they have managed to achieve their goal of home ownership, with assistance from dm consult, a family friend and a non-bank lender.

This achievement came with time restrictions. They had to be able to buy out the third party and rely on their businesses performance to meet the bank servicing criteria. You can appreciate the stress based on how the catering industry is currently impacted. Both Covid and natural disasters caused event cancellations in the Hawkes Bay and neighbouring regions.

Two years on and they are up for the challenge! Due to time ticking by, they had to test to see if they and the business had done enough to meet bank servicing requirements….

Two applications were submitted: one to their business bank, and the other to a bank they don’t have a relationship with.

The second bank came back with an approval in a timely fashion!  Their business bank however asked for more information. This was provided, but due to the timeframes involved, Linda and Tom decided to run with the second lender. This second lender option allows dm consult to manage the loan relationship.

The end result was that they met their obligations to the third party, and they now own the property in their two names along with a mainstream lender.

It’s like a gourmet BBQ full of flavour which results in a delicious taste left in your mouth!


Congratulations from a business growth and a home ownership perspective and thank you for the opportunity to assist you both again, well done!

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