From living in a garage to owning a home with a garage!

Meet Muti, Malo and their interpreter Metua.

Muti and Malo moved from Rarotonga to Aotearoa for work over 18 years ago. When they arrived in this country they opted to rent a house and have remained in that house for the past 18 years!

Unfortunately this was sold last October with vacant possession. Muti and Malo had to move out, and due to the tight rental market at the time their only option was to move into a whanau’s garage.

Motivated by their dire situation, Muti and Malo decided to look at purchasing their first house.

Along with valuable advice offered by Darrin, they used the available financial assistance of their Kiwisaver and the first Home Buyers Grant & Scheme via Kainga Ora. This assistance can be sourced through selected banks.

The process was long, but Muti and Malo were not intimidated. They had no short term liabilities, could work to a budget supported by their hard earned incomes and had good credit ratings.

All the boxes needed to be ticked to meet the bank and Kainga Ora requirements. But this couple remained engaged in the process and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. The goal of home ownership was achievable!

We continued the journey, put in the hard yards – and Muti and Malo finally achieved their goal of Homeownership!

Congratulations and thank-you for the opportunity to assist you both.

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