Flying High!!

Meet Gus and Sarah,


They have lived in Hastings for several years, but an opportunity to change their home base with Air NZ has allowed them to move to Christchurch. This is also where Sarah’s employer is based, so it was time to taxi and take off, landing in an exciting modern city.

But they also needed to get their ducks in a row to enable them to buy their next house.

Gus and Sarah have had previous discussions with Darrin, looking at what their options were prior to their change in circumstances. They had no hesitation in reconnecting with him as they had found a house which was perfect for their Kiwi/Franco lifestyle, BBQ and Baguette’s, Red wine and cheese in the Cuisine salle à Manger.

They were on a mission to sell their house here in Hastings within a short timeframe to confirm the purchase of their new home in Christchurch.

Darrin was able to organise the finance within a timely fashion, satisfying the bank that there were no property issues pertaining to the previous earthquakes.

Their solicitor also did research on the title, to ensure they were aware of any issues with the property, to avoid any comebacks after they took ownership.  Again, this illustrates the importance of having the right conditions in a Sales and Purchase agreement.

Darrin met with Gus and Sarah to discuss their loan structure options. They were able to produce one that allows them to hedge their bets in regard to where interest rates may or may not go and to give them the flexibility to reduce debt.


Congratulations ! Vive la France / Sweet as bro!


Thanks for the opportunity to assist you with finance for your move to Christchurch.

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