First Time Home Buyers NZ

Meet Burt, Siobha’n and their five children,
Darrin met Burt at a property ownership and borrowing presentation made to Turfrey’s earlier in the year.
Burt and Siobha’n’s situation is quite unique. They are a one income household with five children, looking to become first time home buyers in NZ. They are incredibly resourceful in regard to providing for their young family.
Some of the resources include being active members of a very supportive church community along with hunting to put venison on their dinner plates. They recycle and reuse preloved items. Burt and Siobha’n are also being consciously very disciplined with their incomes and allowances they receive.
Darrin approached their incumbent bank who took a negative stance to the application, instead of embracing the frugal culture of the family. Darrin was undeterred! He approached another bank with a smaller footprint in the marketplace, who could see the forest for the trees. They came to the party with an approval!
Both banks received the same information. One only saw the risks and the other saw a family who had worked hard to save a 20% deposit. This illustrated that despite their unconventional situation, they could still save and provide for their children – including the newest edition, little Scarlette.
Burt and Siobha’n are over the moon with joy. We are equally thrilled! This bank could see the and appreciate this family for how they conduct themselves  – with discipline, sheer effort and determination.
Both Burt and Siobha’n are immigrants from Zimbabwe. Their families left Africa when they were children in search of better lives. This couple fully appreciates how this country offers opportunities to better themselves and their children’s lives.  I believe that their positive attitudes along with the people they surround themselves with, have helped them achieve their property ownership goal. But you can never discount the resolve and drive of two determined parents who want to do better for themselves and their children. A strong lesson a lot of people could learn so much from.
Congratulations for becoming first time home buyers in nz and thank you for this opportunity to be on this journey with you!
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