Courtney & Ben

Meet Ben, Courtney and their eldest son.
They were referred to dm consult to obtain assistance for finance to purchase a property off Ben’s father. Based on the arrangement Ben had with his father dm consult was able to place them in a stronger equity position so it made the process of obtaining finance easier and the pricing of the loan was much better due to a lower LVR (loan to value ratio). A win/win for all involved.

Darrin was able to offer Ben and Courtney two very competitive options to choose from, end result they now own a house!

To use an analogy, when you need your walls and ceiling Gib stopped and plastered you are looking for a smooth finish with no cracks or signs of the joins. dm consult delivered a service, advice and a loan structure which was smooth, it had no cracks and met the needs of the client.
Ben and Courtney are an example of a young family who returned to New Zealand and in particular Hawkes Bay to take advantage of economic growth, the building boom to set up their own business, to then employ other people to cater for growth within a very short period of time.

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