Chyle, Anna & Finn

Meet Chyle, Anna and Little Finn.
Anne and Chyle had approached their bank via an 0800 number, but weren’t getting anywhere as they wanted to borrow funds to complete renovations to their property, plus restructure borrowing.
Anna gave dm consult a call for some professional advice in regard to what they wanted to achieve, and Darrin saw no reason why their bank wouldn’t support the application so he re-approached the bank with the same information, and their application was approved.
The difference was being engaged in the client’s needs face to face as opposed to talking to someone over the telephone trying to get the message across.
As Anne and Chyle found out, using a Mortgage Advisor was far more satisfying because they could come in, sit down and have a chat, receive timely feedback and responses to communication knowing dm consult was on the same page as them.
You can a liken what Chyle does when wiring a job – positive/negative, and Anna as a Beautician – wax on/wax off – both, like dm consult, know what they are doing.
End result – renovation loan approved and restructure completed.
Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity to assist you with your finance.
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dm consult mortgages + insurance was established off the back of “doing the right thing” by the clients. We help you by establishing what your financial situation is, what you require, and how we can help you achieve this. Based on our findings, we act on your behalf to approach lenders to attain your goal of property ownership (mortgage), business finance, refinancing from your current bank, refixing your mortgage, top ups to your current lending for smaller loans...


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