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Meet Mauricio and Trudy,

Mauricio sees Darrin regularly in the lineup at his local surf break at Te Awanga.  Recently Trudy has been searching for mortgage advisers when dm consult popped up! So they both saw this as a sign and made contact with Darrin to assist them with a refinance solution.

Several years ago, Mauricio and Trudy wanted to purchase a property at Te Awanga. However, like many other businesses, Mauricio was impacted by the enforced government covid lockdowns which meant that a lot of income generating events were cancelled. This resulted in lost revenue.

This also meant that they had to seek finance from a non-bank lender and whilst it served a purpose at the time, it was at a price.  They’ve had to endure the higher interest rates they had to pay.

Roll forward to 2023 and thanks to revenue growth, Mauricio and Trudy were keen to see if a main bank would accommodate their financial position. Hence their contacting Darrin to facilitate an approach to banks.

To their surprise, two main banks unconditionally approved their loan and suddenly they had options!

With the assistance from Darrin, they decided on their preferred option and now like a fine piece of landscape impressionist art, the scene looks pretty damn good from where they live.


Thanks for the opportunity to assist you to refinancing your housing loan.

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