Twas 12 days before Christmas…

Twas 12 days before Christmas and Don and Danielle were in a bit of a flap! They had an unconditional offer on their house but had nowhere to go…

They had a few property options on their Christmas list but had no confirmation from any of Santa’s real estate elves, if the vendors would be the maker of their Christmas or the grinch!

All of a sudden, their offer was accepted with only three days to confirm the sale of their house, or their purchaser was going to rain on their Christmas parade.

Darrin came in with all reindeers blazing to seek confirmation the finance was all gift wrapped for presentation, the bank came to the Christmas party. Now Danielle and Don are rejoicing as they fly off into the sunset for a hula hula fun holiday!

But before they jumped on that big bird heading for the sun, they did what people to at Christmas and exchanged gifts with Darrin!

Congratulations for the sale and the purchase of property, thanks for the opportunity to assist you both again with finance and welcome back to the Village!

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